We slowly ... more and more ... losing contact ... with nature ...

The ELEMENTS project, which was created on Iceland, celebrates the beauty of nature and shows mankind who tries to stay in connection with it. The project was created thanks to the desire for a spontaneous and dynamic action in a country. Wrapping bodies in various materials and surreal forms, create unplanned moments and conversations with nature.

The photos are playing with the idea of a classical body in a country that is usually transferred to surreal forms. In some photographs, the body tries to be part of an environment where it comes to contrast and conflict. Forms are active and dynamic, trying to influence the environment - move elements. The other images are passive, even meditative as if they just wanted to stay unnoticed at that moment. Bodies exist without identity remain in the spectator's fantasy.

The whole project gently crosses the line of seriousness and mysteriousness with childish playfulness and naivety. The core of the project is a fascination with nature, a sense of curiosity and the search for new worlds.

The author also wanted to experiment with the different way how to approach contemporary fashion photography. The project was created in cooperation with several talented fashion designers from the UK, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, who were inspired by the idea and concept of the project. The author chose from designs and collections that are interesting to interact with the environment and the form of objects.

Art Director
Katarina Tamova

Location: ICELAND

Fashion Designers:

Heidi Michel May
Petra Kubikova
Zoltan Toth
Jan Cerny
Barbora Kubickova
Terezia Fenovcikova
Michaela Hrinova
Jana Sukenikova

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