Homage to Monica Cook | Vanitas

Art Direction & Photography:
Katarina Tamova & Eliška Kyselková

Katarina Tamova

Photographic series HOMAGE TO MONICA COOK | Vanitas inspired by art history and paintings by the artist Monica Cook refers to the issue of consumerism in today’s world. The metaphor of modern society, alienated, narcissistic, without relationships or a real interest in life, longing only for material things (like elements of consumerism used in photographs). The emptiness of being hidden behind artificial tinsel. The world on the edge of a possible form of destruction, decay or search for one´s own identity. Photographs elevate each erotic phantasm from the realm of hyperrealism to reality, allowing each scenario to exist at the borderland of performance and actual life. This topic of ancient bacchanalias is connected with allusion to baroque still life vanitas, where the formal and ideological outcome is emptiness, ephemerality, destruction, and death.

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